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5 Stars!

I truly appreciate the work Bob & Ben have put into this podcast! The information is relevant and they do a great job of bringing on very reputable guests that are experts within their fields!! Thank you!!

Tactics of the Wealthy

A great podcast about the strategies the wealthy (and the wanna-be wealthy) use. Solid advice from a professional team.

Best podcast ever!

I’ve done some flipping in my day and fumbled a little. This podcast has helped me to gain a deep understanding of how to INVEST LIKE A BILLIONAIRE. I’ve done very well w the advise that was given. I recommend this podcast to anyone on any level, and with any experience. Thanks guys! You rock! I’m on my way!

Billionaire Growth

Those three guys are a power house. The podcast is phenomenal. The ideas and suggestions are worth exploring further with the option of making serious money.

Great show! Quick and insightful

Nice listen for those looking to learn from the wealthy and get out of traditional (Wall Street) investing. I pick up bits of advice with every show that’s useful in current situations or sheds light on past events.

Looking forward to more!

Great content presented in an easy to understand conversational format. Smart and informative guests to date and looking forward to hearing more from Bob and Ben.


Aside from stocks and bonds, it’s tough to discover new ways to invest. Invest Like a Billionaire is helping the everyday investor open their eyes to more possibilities and opportunities. Bob, Ben, and Jim are sharing their wealth of knowledge and continuing the financial education of their listeners. This podcast is a great learning experience!

Great people. Great content.

This podcast is an absolute gem. Incredibly well-produced and high quality shows. Bob, Jim, and Ben are focused, knowledgable, easy to listen to, and are absolute authorities in the alternative investment world. 5 stars all around for these quality gentlemen.

Poetry In Motion!

Invest Like A Billionaire! … Like your life depended on it! This podcast is brilliant, timely and relevant. The knowledge you’ll glean from these conversations will prove to be worth a fortune. Ben knows his stuff and always has great guests on the podcast! Bravo!

Awesome podcast, amazing people

Ben and Bob Fraser had massive experience in investment and entrepreneurship. They help people understand the investment, the financial/capital market in a greater way. They own a real Estes investment fund, and it has been excellent. This is an awesome podcast, but what makes them stand out is that they are not only professional, but also they have honorable characters. They care about their community, and they have amazing visions in what they do.

Invest like a billionaire

Finally a podcast that addresses current income needs. Great group of presenters and guest. TJ Lucky

Great resource!

This podcast is a fantastic tool for anyone interested in learning more about the world of alternative investments. Bob and Ben Fraser do a great job breaking down complex topics and ensuring quality guests with proven success.

Exposing the mystery to high level investing

Love the subject matter on this podcast. So often you can ask someone about venture capital or private equity or other types of alternative investments and you get vague answers because very few people actually know how those investments work. These guys do a great job giving you information that is relevant and memorable while they cast light on markets that have historically been mysterious and reserved for the elites.

Invest like a billionaire

Bob, Jim and Ben collaboratively delve into real estate investing and give listeners insight into proven methods for increasing one's wealth. They cover a lot in each podcast but take time to elaborate, explain and provide examples. Recommended to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of real estate investing.


Listening to these podcast helped me understand the real estate side of alternative investing. I appreciate the simplicity of their presentation, yet it was full of great information which helped me understand more fully the various options available to me.

Learn about alternative investments

Great new podcast with a variety of useful information. I find it very valuable for a single podcast to cover the topics of real estate, private equity, and hedge funds. This type of education is much needed; learning about the “alternative“ investments that many institutions use for diversification is eye-opening. The first few episodes have already provided valuable information and I enjoy listening to the hosts.

Great podcast on investing

Love this investing podcast! They break down complicated Investing strategies and present them in easy to understand parts. They present the pros and cons of each one as they go along. It’s a wonderful way of being educated and enlightened about other investment opportunities that exist. This is the stuff that we all want to know, that no one else is talking about! Thanks for the great content!


I’ve invested with three of the Aspen funds over the last several years and couldn’t be more satisfied. Love that they are taking their thoughts to the pod world. Their insights are informative and valued.

Brilliant content

If you are wanting knowledge about investing. This is the podcast to listen too!!!!!

Great Information

Great information for investors that previously did not have access to these investments Thanks for bringing all the good information!

Great topics & discussion on issues rarely discussed!

Invest Like A Billionaire takes a deep dive discussing the different investment opportunities that are frequently sought by high ultra net worth investors. But even though I don’t fall into this bucket, I’ve already learned a few tips on how I can get exposure to these different asset classes the same way as ultra net worth investors. You learn something new on every show.

Excellent PodCast

Thanks that was so informative I think Bob,Ben and Jim did a great job they seem to really care about us learning about making the right decision .

Very Informative

Great podcast! I love this groups passion for sharing helpful investment information. I appreciate that Bob,Ben and Jim have provided a format that is both educational and enjoyable for individuals like myself to learn about alternative investment. Keep up the great work!

Excellent Podcast

Very helpful, interesting and informative

Highly recommended

Excellent Team, Topics, Explanations!

Great podcast!

This is soooooo needed! As a residential real estate investor that is slowly moving to passive RE syndications I am looking forward to listening to this podcast. Thx for the work! Steve H

Great new podcast

This is a great podcast!! Very informative and fun to listen to!!!

Very helpful

As someone who's a novice with investments, this podcast has actually opened my eyes to how much more is out there outside of stocks and how to approach them. I think if you're interested in learning more about how to invest, the options available to you, this podcast is worth a listen.

Very Informative!

This is a great podcast on passively investing in real estate. They explain concepts and have guests who are actually doing it. Highly recommend!

Titans of Investing

Ben, his team, and the super high profile guests share invaluable information on investing and how to achieve the returns like the top 1%’ers!