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ILAB Review - David Yaghutiel

'Invest Like a Billionaire' is a fantastic podcast. The conversations are insightful and thought-provoking, featuring true thought leaders and experts in the alternative investments space. It's fascinating to gain perspective on how UHNW individuals choose to invest their money, and I enjoy tuning in.

Review by Nelson Chu - Founder and CEO of Percent

I had a fantastic experience as a guest on the ‘Invest Like a Billionaire’ podcast. Ben and I had an insightful and fluid conversation, which explored the real-world applications of today's most pressing matters in alternative investments in great detail. Ben and his team did a superb job in preparing me for the podcast and making sure I had everything I needed prior to our conversation. The final product came out terrifically, and the team provided a variety of assets that allowed my team to promote the episode on our company’s platforms. In short, I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning how to ‘invest like a billionaire’!

Wealth of knowledge

Great team. Wealth of knowledge on markets and variety of investment options. Highly recommend.

Aspen Funds

Great guys with incredible wealth of knowledge.

Family, Faith and Financial Guidance

Rarely do you encounter a group that puts their intention to serve their investor first before themselves, but it seems that destination is called Aspen Funds and their Podcast. If you’re an accredited investor seeking to learn and connect with a group who will serve your needs then look no further than the folks at Aspen Capital. P.S. There’s some guys around here that have some grey hairs so you can be rest assured there’s some experience and wisdom behind every message. Thank you Aspen Capital, great to be connected with you and your club. Best, Jeremy KREI

Fantastic Company

Met with all the leaders today and was blown away by their wealth of knowledge. Great growth model and take care of their investors like no other.

Great Content

Consistently insightful info with great guests for generating wealth

So Powerful

Ben’ podcast is one of the best financial podcasts out today. Their views and ability to generate massive amounts of income are invaluable. Thank you!!

Tremendous business and people

Aspen is on the rise. Great insight into economic trends and so much more.

Ben is the best!!

So informative and helpful!


Bob and Ben are a wealth of knowledge and a genuine help for understanding any level of real estate investing

Awesome, intelligent knowledge on growing your wealth !

Man I love this podcast. I personally know Ben and Bob and the aspen team. great people. True to their word. I tell my wife and friends about them all the time! Highly recommend Aspen Funds and this podcast!

Love these guys!!

Authentic and they care!

Top notch!

Bob and Ben are two of the most down to earth knowledgeable guys that you can trust with your investments. I highly recommend talking to their team!

Bob and Ben are real deal

These two bring such a great perspective to the investing space and run a great business!

Great information!

I just listened to two of their podcasts and they were phenomenal! Building Wealth with Joey Mure and Alternative Investments with Shifra Ansonoff. Based on these two podcasts I am definitely going to listen to more of them. Quite a bit of great and useable information.

Excellent hosts/ Extremely informative

Bob and Ben are well-informed about the markets and excel at analyzing issues. I had a great experience as a guest on their show and look forward to joining them again in the future.

Great Investing Podcast!

This is a really cool investing podcast revealing other ways to invest besides the stock market and the often superiority of doing so. The hosts are sharp, growth and learning minded, and fun witted. A lot of good guests and a great, free learning platform to help put in the work to understand investing options that you may want to take and why.

Awesome podcast!

The combined great minds of the hosts and their guests makes this podcast one of the best!

Brings a positive light to all the negative in the world right now.

I found this by searching "bring manufacturing back to america". I love it. Brings a positive light to all the negative in the world right now.

The Real Deal

Bob and Ben put out high quality content and curate great guests around macro economic trends and alternative investments that provide high value to invest like the ultra wealthy and avoid the stock market gyrations. A must listen!

High caliber, solid podcast

Ben and Bob do a great job of bringing relevant, timely content that I can apply in my real estate investing business by leveraging their own experience while also coupling it with high caliber, quality guests. Thank you and keep it up!

Variety and Educational

This podcast is incredible. I have listened to almost all of the podcasts to date and they go into a variety of topics covering different types of investments. Then they break them down and make it understandable and relatable. They do a nice job of giving various points of view while talking about each topic as well. Can’t wait to see where they go next with guests and the topics!


I love details and Deb the Bob goes into with his points.

Very Informative

Very helpful for understanding the differences between the average Joe’s investments and HNW investment allocation.

Very informative and great for the beginner investor

I found out about this podcast after researching note funds. The hosts do a great job of introducing concepts in a way that’s easy for the beginner investor to understand.

great diverse content!

Love the podcast and the great content. Thanks gents for putting on a great podcast.

Alternatives made simple

I really enjoy this podcast. It’s informative with real-world application. As a person not as familiar with the alternatives, I found the concepts and advice to be clear, concise and authentic. I would strongly recommend this podcast for people at all stages in their investment journey. Highly recommended!

Fantastic podcast for curious investors

Really entertaining and informative podcast about the type of investing that most people don’t even think about. Highly recommended.


Great podcast for people who are new to alternative investments, and those with years of experience. Bob and Ben do a great job of explaining complex investments in a simple way that is easy to understand. Additionally, their guests provide unique prospective on a variety of topics.