May 4, 2023

82. Building Wealth Without Wall Street feat. Joey Mure

82. Building Wealth Without Wall Street feat. Joey Mure
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In this episode, co-hosts Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser sit down with Joey Mure, partner and co-founder of Wealth Without Wall Street, to discuss investing strategies beyond Wall Street. Joey shares his insights on how investors can break away from the traditional investments offered by Wall Street and explore alternative assets. Joey discuss practical tips for identifying the right investment opportunities, managing risks, and determining your Investor DNA. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just getting started, this podcast will help you think outside the box and discover new investment opportunities beyond Wall Street.


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Invest Like a Billionaire podcast is sponsored by Aspen Funds which focuses on macro-driven alternative investments for accredited investors.

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Joey MureProfile Photo

Joey Mure

Partner & Co-Founder

Joey Mure, Founder and Partner at Wealth Without Wall Street, brings impact, integrity, and generosity to the company every day. He hopes to be remembered as a lover of Jesus, devoted husband, and faithful father. Despite dreaming, around age 10, of becoming an orthopedic surgeon, Joey was in the mortgage business for 11 years before moving to finance in 2014.

His personal mentor, Nelson Nash — another man of integrity and impact — is someone Joey deeply admires. Joey’s strengths in building relationships, asking great questions, and influencing and empowering people with the Wealth Without Wall Street message make him invaluable to the company’s mission. He is relational, impactful, and a true leader. His colleagues would add that he’s thoughtful, funny, and a family man.

Many people don’t know that Joey ate a 72-ounce steak dinner once. If he could be anywhere other than work, you’d find him at the beach with his family. And every Sunday morning, they’re worshipping the Lord. A lifetime goal of Joey’s is to impact the world for Christ; and a more near-term goal is to purchase a beach house for my family.

Aside from Wealth Without Wall Street, Joey listens to Sharran Srivatsaa’s Business School podcast and Donald Miller’s Building A StoryBrand podcast. He’s happiest when he’s traveling with his wife or golfing with his girls. He cares deeply about Campus Outreach, Cru, Navigators, Sav a Life, Lifeline Adoption, and Young Business Leaders.

His aims to live by the words “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path (Prov 3:5-6).”