March 30, 2023

77. UHNW Survey on Portfolio Allocation & Strategy feat. Tad Fallows

77. UHNW Survey on Portfolio Allocation & Strategy feat. Tad Fallows
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In today's episode, we sit down with Tad Fallows, the founder of Long Angle, a community for high net worth and ultra-high net worth investors. Tad shares his inspiring journey from selling his business and coming into significant wealth to creating a supportive network for investors. We delve into the community's strategies across various asset classes, from real estate to private equity, venture, hedge funds, and more. Tune in to discover the current opportunities his community is exploring and learn how you too can navigate the complex world of investing. Don't miss this insightful conversation!


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Tad FallowsProfile Photo

Tad Fallows

Managing Director

Tad Fallows is the Managing Director of Long Angle, Inc. a global peer-led community for very high net worth individuals. Long Angle is focused on creating a solicitation-free, confidential space for members to discuss personal finance, planning, and investments. Long Angle also hosts live member events and syndicates a curated set of alternative asset investments.

Earlier in his career he co-founded iLab Solutions, a SaaS solution for universities and research hospitals. iLab was the leading provider of software to manage advanced research core facilities, serving 70 of the top 100 research universities worldwide, with employees and customers in 17 countries. He served as CEO since inception; they bootstrapped the company from founding through a successful exit to Agilent Technologies. He spent several years at Agilent post-acquisition.