Nov. 10, 2022

58. Finding Opportunities in Industrial Real Estate feat. Brent Peterson

58. Finding Opportunities in Industrial Real Estate feat. Brent Peterson
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Finding good opportunities in real estate can be challenging, especially now. In this episode, co-hosts Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser interview a top Midwest industrial real estate broker, Brent Peterson, about why he believes now is a great time to allocate capital to industrial real estate. Brent highlights several trends supporting a second boom in industrial real estate. Be sure to tune in!

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Brent PetersonProfile Photo

Brent Peterson

Vice President & Director of Industrial Brokerage

Brent Peterson joined AREA Real Estate Advisors in 2014 as Vice President and Director of Industrial Brokerage. As a licensed realtor in Kansas and Missouri, he works on industrial sales, leasing, and investment properties. Brent has been actively involved in commercial real estate since 2005.

At AREA Real Estate Advisors, Brent’s focus is on assisting small to large sized companies and helping them evaluate their industrial warehouse or manufacturing needs. Having worked with small local firms, as well as large fortune 500 companies, Brent has a wealth of knowledge helping all sizes and types of clients. With experience on both the Tenant/Buyer and Landlord/Seller sides, Brent is familiar with all facets of the real estate decision making process and is regularly sought out by his clients and peers for industry knowledge and guidance.

Brent has an accounting degree from Creighton University in Omaha, NE. He is an active member of SIOR and is involved in numerous local and national charitable organizations. He enjoys fishing, hunting and the outdoors. Brent lives in Olathe with his wife of 25 years, Dawn.