Sept. 15, 2022

50. How to Vet Venture Capital Funds feat. Joel Palathinkal

50. How to Vet Venture Capital Funds feat. Joel Palathinkal

We dig even deeper into the world of venture capital, exploring how the landscape is changing, whether to invest directly in companies or through funds and even starting your own fund. This week co-hosts Ben Fraser and Bob Fraser talked with Joel Palathinkal, founder and director of Sutton Capital - an educational community connecting fund managers, with investors and portfolio companies. From his unique vantage point of running this community, Joel shares his knowledge about what it takes to run a successful fund, strategies for investing in venture capital, and how building a community is at the center of it all.

Dr. Joel Palathinkal is an active investor and entrepreneur affiliated with a global network of Single Family Offices, High Net Worth Investors, Endowments, and Venture Capitalists. He's the CEO of Sutton Capital and an LP / Mentor to both emerging and institutional investment managers. Sutton Capital invests in opportunities focused on Fintech, Real Estate, B2B SaaS, Deep Tech, Space Exploration, Impact Investing, Cleantech, & Climate Change. Early in Joel’s career, he ran technology product innovation in Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, & for the Dept. of Defense. He completed his Ph.D. in Modeling & Simulation while he was building flight simulators for the NAVY & DOD.

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Joel was referred by fellow venture capital investor Ron Shigeta! Check out his episode here:

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