Aug. 18, 2022

46. Oil & Gas Economics: What the Future Holds feat. Robin Winkle

46. Oil & Gas Economics: What the Future Holds feat. Robin Winkle
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There has been recent turbulence in the oil & gas market. In past episodes, we’ve analyzed the current environment. In this episode, we brought in an oil & gas expert to discuss the long-term supply and demand imbalance, the bumpy transition to green energy, and how geopolitical issues will rewrite the global supply. Join in as Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser interview energy analyst Robin Winkle of Glenloch Energy to hear about the future of the energy industry.

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Robin WinkleProfile Photo

Robin Winkle

Managing Partner

Robin has over 20 years of international oil and gas experience in business development, field development and capital projects. Robin has worked in assets across the full hydrocarbon lifecycle, from exploration and appraisal through concept selection, definition, execution, and field redevelopment. Robin’s experience is in hydrocarbon maturation, asset and corporate valuation, acquisition and divestment, asset management, and negotiation of complex commercial agreements.

Prior to founding Glenloch Energy, Robin was the Director of Development for LUKOIL’s western hemisphere business, with responsibility for assets in Mexico, Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon. In this role, Robin was responsible for a portfolio of assets whose capital cost was in excess of $10 billion net to LUKOIL.

Robin started his career with Shell, where he held key roles in some of the industry's largest and most complex developments, such as Sakhalin II in Russia and the Stones field in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Robin holds a Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering from Imperial College London and an MBA from Rice University’s Jesse Jones School of Business. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the Association of International Energy Negotiators.

Robin is the author of Business Development Strategy for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry (ISBN: 979-8-9861706-0-2, Scarsdale Press, 2022).