Aug. 11, 2022

45. Finding Opportunities in Residential Real Estate feat. Kathy Fettke

45. Finding Opportunities in Residential Real Estate feat. Kathy Fettke
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The financial world is changing, and with it comes a lot of uncertainty for investors. But one thing that won't change? The need to maintain your wealth through diversification. In this week's episode, Ben Fraser and Bob Fraser together with Kathy Fettke from RealWealth discuss the potential for damage in the real estate market as a result of inflation and rising interest rates, as well as the importance of diversification when it comes to investing in real estate. Whether you're a novice investor or a seasoned pro, this episode is sure to provide valuable insights.  

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Kathy FettkeProfile Photo

Kathy Fettke

Co-Founder & Host

Kathy Fettke helps people build and secure wealth through cash flowing real estate. She is a real estate developer, fund manager, and educator.

She is a regular guest expert on FOX News, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, NPR, CBS MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal, and was named among the “Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs” by Goldman Sachs two years in a row.

Kathy believes we become more successful by learning from those who have done what we hope to achieve. As host of "The Real Wealth Show," a featured podcast on iTunes she interviews successful real estate investors to share their secrets. She also hosts the Real Estate News podcast, and is author of the bestseller, "Retire Rich with Rentals.”

Real Wealth Network offers free resources and cutting edge education for beginning and experienced real estate investors. The organization also searches the country for high job growth markets. In those metros, they find highly rated property providers who offer "turn-key rental properties" to investors. Turnkey means that the homes are already renovated, with qualified tenants and experienced property management in place.

Real Wealth Network offers free education on tax savings, asset protection, self-directed IRA's, 1031 exchanges, note investing, multifamily and commercial property, land development, syndications, crowdfunding and more.

Kathy and her husband Rich are active real estate investors in single family homes, apartments, commercial property, land development and homebuilding.