July 28, 2022

44. Investing in Oil and Gas in Today’s Market feat. Grant Norwood

44. Investing in Oil and Gas in Today’s Market feat. Grant Norwood
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With the steady rise in energy prices, the oil and gas industry has even more profitable opportunities for investors. In this episode, you'll hear from Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser as they visit with Grant Norwood, President of Norwood Energy Corp, about the current state of the industry, where it's headed, and demystifying real-world investment examples. You'll understand improvement strategies that are similar to real estate and be more informed when it comes down to investing in the oil and gas industry.  

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Grant Norwood


Grant is the President of Norwood Energy Corp. He handles daily operations, and evaluations of Oil & Gas prospects/minerals. He has an extensive back ground in the Oklahoma SCOOP and STACK resource plays. As well as the Louisiana Gulf Coast and all productive areas around the state of Texas.