May 19, 2022

34. Investing In Rare Coins With Dana Samuelson

34. Investing In Rare Coins With Dana Samuelson
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The collectible coin market is on fire. As a professional numismatist, Dana has been studying rare coins for over 40 years. On this episode, he shares about his background in the rare coins market, the economics behind owning coins and precious metals, where the industry is headed, and how investors can make money through the private ownership of gold. Is this just a cool hobby or is there money to be made? Tune in to find out.

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Dana Samuelson


Dana has 42 years experience in precious metals and rare U.S. gold coin buying and selling. His company, American Gold Exchange, has an impeccable national reputation for integrity, consistently high service to our clients, reliability, and transparent pricing. They enjoy the endorsement of numerous national newsletter writers, educational conference promoters and private investors in the financial, market analysis, real estate and tax professional industries. I've been quoted in Forbes and Market Watch, and appeared on Fox Business. He is available to speak to groups and conferences on precious metals and macro financial market analysis. He is a past president of the Professional Numismatist Guild, the leading organization of rare coin dealers in the US. He also assisted the CFTC in their investigation into an allegedly fraudulent national precious metals dealer. His declaration of fact was instrumental in the CFTC's investigation, which resulted in the seizure of the business. The prosecution is ongoing.