March 17, 2022

26. Inside Look at Endowment Funds with Investment Director Greg Dowell, CFA

26. Inside Look at Endowment Funds with Investment Director Greg Dowell, CFA
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Greg Dowell, CFA is the Director of Investments of the Texas State Endowment System, and a 30-year veteran in alternative investments. In this episode, Greg talks about his experience taking an endowment he work for from 0% to 40% into alternatives during his tenure. He talks about his experience with David Swensen, the alternative investment pioneer of the Yale Endowment. He breaks down the “illiquidity premium” and what that means. And lastly, he covers how he applies these concepts to his personal investment portfolio and allocations.

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Greg DowellProfile Photo

Greg Dowell

Director of Investments

Greg Dowell is a highly motivated Chief Investment Officer with in depth knowledge of global capital markets with over twenty years of experience. Strong analytical background with expertise in developing and implementing strategic long term asset allocation based on risk tolerance. Pro-active decision maker with intimate familiarity with a wide range of asset classes. Deep understanding of alternative asset classes including hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital. Extensive experience in managing investment advisors (selection, evaluation, monitoring and termination) and investment staff. Accomplished professional and skillful communicator, comfortable interacting with investment advisors, consultants, custodians, Board of Directors and Investment Committees. Prudent and talented investment professional with integrity and strong team leader.