Feb. 3, 2022

21. Growing Your Wealth Through Owning Franchises - Interview w/ Erik Van Horn

21. Growing Your Wealth Through Owning Franchises - Interview w/ Erik Van Horn
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Most of the ultra-wealthy became so by owning businesses. One proven way to own a business is through franchising. Erik Van Horn, franchising specialist and expert in multi-unit, multi-brand ownership as both a franchisee and franchisor, shares his deep insights into the space. Having helped 1,000+ people find great opportunities that meet their lifestyle goals, Erik shares his golden nuggets on what it takes to be a good franchisee, how to finance deals, and even how to invest in franchises passively.

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Erik Van HornProfile Photo

Erik Van Horn

Investor & Advisor

Erik Van Horn is a franchising specialist, and expert in multi-unit, semi-absentee business ownership. Over the last 20 years as a franchisee (he’s owned 7 brands in 8 states), regional developer, consultant, and investor, he has developed tremendous insight into the unique and challenging aspects of franchising. Erik also has a passion for people, which is why he has helped 1,000 people find great franchise opportunities that match their goals.

He lives on a hobby ranch with his wife and three young daughters in a small town, while continuing to own businesses remotely. When he’s not working, he enjoys going on outdoor adventures with his family.

“When something goes wrong in your business, take ownership of it, and you can just get it done.” – Erik Van Horn