Dec. 23, 2021

16. Financial Advisor Shares About Alts & Legacy Planning - Interview w/ Ryan Parson

16. Financial Advisor Shares About Alts & Legacy Planning - Interview w/ Ryan Parson
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A financial advisor for HNW families, Ryan Parson looks at not just stocks and bonds, but also private equity and other alternatives. Parson spent years in the financial education space, and went deep into alternatives. Tune in to hear Ryan share about how he approaches financial advising and legacy planning through the lens of alts.

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Ryan Parson


Ryan Parson is the CF0 of Sunlight Peaks Financial Partners, LLC. As a personal CFO, he serve successful individuals, entrepreneurs and high net worth families to live their best lives of significance while keeping work optional. He live a life of authentic confidence and being true to myself and support our clients and their family's to authentically live their lives, on their terms, and without judgement. He appreciate those that have taken a road less traveled, lived life on their terms, created wealth on their terms and have felt the emotions of being outcasted, as many successful people have.

Since 1995, he have been serving accredited investors and high net worth families. I use an invigorating consultative process to gain a detailed understanding of our families deepest values and goals. I then employ customized suggestions designed to address each family's unique needs and goals beyond simply investments.