Nov. 11, 2021

10. Evaluating & Vetting Potential Sponsors w/ Lance Pederson

10. Evaluating & Vetting Potential Sponsors w/ Lance Pederson
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One of the biggest obstacles investors face is finding and performing due diligence on investment, operators, or sponsors. How should you go about evaluating an opportunity to really know what you're getting into? Lance Pederson, founder of Verivest, has made it his professional mission to bridge the gap between investors and sponsors, alleviating some of the headaches of finding trustworthy operators. You'll learn several tips and things to watch out for when looking at a new investment opportunity. Listen in for some great insights.

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Lance PedersonProfile Photo

Lance Pederson

CEO, Fund Manager & Podcast Host

Lance Pederson is the Founder and Managing Partner at Resonance Capital Group. His mission is to do his part to help make the middle market real estate investment ecosystem operate more efficiently.