Nov. 4, 2021

09. Inflation, Interest Rates, and Contrarian Economics w/ Hunter Thompson

09. Inflation, Interest Rates, and Contrarian Economics w/ Hunter Thompson
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Hunter Thompson has been in the private equity world for over a decade, raising over $50M in investor capital. Having invested in many real estate asset classes, Hunter's economic perspective shapes much of his strategy for evaluating opportunities. His view of economic thought has changed over time, and many of his perspectives are contrarian to mainstream thought. Join us as we jump into a discussion on where interest rates and inflation are headed and how that informs our investment strategies.

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Hunter ThompsonProfile Photo

Hunter Thompson

Managing Principal

Hunter Thompson is the Founder and Managing Principal of ASYM Capital. He is a prolific author, and one of the most knowledgeable experts you'll find in the areas of podcasting, real estate investment, and portfolio diversification. He has personally raised about $30,000,000 of private equity from more than 300 investors all over the United States.