May 2, 2022

Inflation-Proof Assets That Give A Good Return

Published by International Business Times


With inflation rising at a record rate, in these uncertain times it’s imperative to invest your money in assets that can protect you from the eroding effects of inflation on your purchasing power. Alternative asset classes outside the traditional stock market that are both stable and backed by real assets have historically proven to be the best hedge against inflation. That’s exactly the strategy Aspen Funds is taking.

Traditionally the company has been known for its market-beating real estate debt investments, capitalizing on a burgeoning market from its inception a decade ago. But now it’s aggressively expanding beyond mortgage notes, diversifying into macroeconomic-driven alternative investments such as real estate, like apartments, storage facilities and industrial developments, as well as venture debt.

What does “macroeconomic-driven alternative investments” mean? Aspen looks at the trends in the economy from the top down to identify key underlying macro trends, developments and cycles that are likely to continue in the short to mid-term. They then focus on the asset classes and investment strategies that will benefit most from those trends and that will perform the best. As it is said, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Next, the company identifies & partners with the best-in-class operators and performs extensive due diligence to ensure they meet their underwriting standards. Lastly, they structure the deal in an investor-favorable way.

As investors, it has never been more important to understand the macro-trends occuring in the economy and understand how to exploit them. With soaring inflation, a supply chain shock, and inefficient markets, the opportunities to invest in inflation-protected assets are available if you know where to look.

Robert Fraser (L) James Maffuccio (R)
Robert Fraser (L) James Maffuccio (R) ASPEN FUNDS

The volatility and emotional trading of traditional stock market investments have hit investors hard. As a result, they are increasingly looking to capitalize on new alternative investment opportunities.

If inflation continues to skyrocket at its current rate, within 10 years, the purchasing power of the dollar will have diminished by nearly 50%. That means, if you aren’t investing your cash in inflation-proof alternative asset classes, you’re literally losing money hand-over-fist.

Aspen’s team of experts has a diverse breadth of experience, including real estate development, real estate debt, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and more. It has a 10-year track record of investing in multiple asset classes, having raised nearly $100 million in capital from individual investors; has invested in more than 50 States; and has in excess of 100 years combined real estate experience.

Apsen’s key differentiators are that, unlike many other firms, it does its own in-depth due diligence; it always helps investors to find the best opportunities; the company’s executive team personally invests in every deal; and it constantly tracks the investment’s performance over the long-term to ensure investors are protected.

Institutional investors such as hedge funds, family offices and endowments have been investing in and reaping the benefits of alternative investments for decades. Thanks to recent regulation changes, now you as an individual investor can move outside traditional investments like stocks, bonds and other publicly-traded securities and tap into this exciting, fast-growing and high-yielding investment class. It’s not a matter of should you invest: it’s a matter of who you can trust.