May 25, 2023

85. Investing in Private Credit in Today's Economy feat. Nelson Chu

85. Investing in Private Credit in Today's Economy feat. Nelson Chu
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In this episode of the Invest Like A Billionaire, host Ben Fraser welcomes Nelson Chu, the Founder and CEO of Percent, to share his insights into the unique world of private credit. Nelson delves into the current state of credit markets, exploring the implications of potential down cycles and credit tightening. Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights into asset-based lending and the advantages of private credit. Join us for this episode as we gain valuable insights into private credit.


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Nelson ChuProfile Photo

Nelson Chu

Founder & CEO

Nelson Chu is an experienced serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Percent, the modern credit marketplace. After witnessing the inefficiencies in the private credit markets, Nelson was inspired to transform this industry for the better and founded Percent in 2018. He and his team have built an end-to-end credit platform unlike any other, empowering borrowers, underwriters, and investors to transact with confidence through governance, asset transparency, and market standardization. Nelson has been recognized by Private Debt Investor as a Rising Star in their annual list of the top 40 individuals shaping the future of private credit.

Prior to Percent, Nelson founded a strategy consulting firm that helped companies build products and raise capital for growth, creating over $1B in equity value. He also brings his background from global financial institutions, including Bank of America and BlackRock, to Percent.

Outside of Percent, Nelson pursues his personal interests in angel investing, art, and philanthropy. His angel investment portfolio includes companies such as BlockFi, Care/Of (Acq: Bayer AG), Clover Health (NAS: CLOV), dv01 (Acq: Fitch), Eden Health, Plentina, Tala, and Uala. He has been actively involved in several nonprofits, including serving as a Board Member of The Bubble Foundation, Host Committee Member for Alicia Keys’ Keep a Child Alive, and Yamba Malawi.

Nelson graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science.