April 27, 2023

81. Hedge Fund Investing: Leveraging Technology to Beat the Market feat. Tory Reiss

81. Hedge Fund Investing: Leveraging Technology to Beat the Market feat. Tory Reiss
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In this episode, Tory Reiss, the CEO and co-founder of Equi, joins co-hosts Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser to discuss how their proprietary technology is selecting the best hedge funds to invest in. And how they’re building an investment platform to make hedge fund investing more accessible to retail investors. Tune in to hear why our guest believes hedge funds are poised to do well in this current market.


Download Tory's slides https://www.investwithaspen.com/hubfs/Equi%20ILAB%20Slides.pdf


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Tory ReissProfile Photo

Tory Reiss

CEO & Co-Founder

Tory Reiss is the CEO and Co-founder of Equi, a blockchain-based venture capital fund, in 2017. Equi is designed to provide investors with access to high-potential startups and other emerging companies through the use of blockchain technology.

Prior to co-founding Equi, Tory Reiss had a successful career as an investor and entrepreneur. He began his career in finance and investment banking, working for firms such as Credit Suisse and PaineWebber. He later became an early-stage investor in a number of startups, including several in the technology sector.

In addition to his work with Equi, Tory Reiss is also a partner at the venture capital firm, Adam Street Partners. He has been involved in a number of successful startup ventures, including the mobile software company, Motricity, which went public in 2010.

Tory Reiss is known for his innovative approach to investment and entrepreneurship. He has been featured in a number of publications, including Forbes and Business Insider, and has spoken at events such as the Blockchain Summit in London.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Economics & Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets from Northwestern University.