Feb. 23, 2023

72. Inflation, Recession, Jobs: Discussion with Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl

72. Inflation, Recession, Jobs: Discussion with Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl

Join co-hosts Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser in their insightful conversation with Dr. Chris Kuehl, a reputable economist and founder of a corporate intelligence business based in Kansas City. In this episode, they delve into a range of pressing economic issues that impact both businesses and individuals globally. With a focus on inflation, recession, interest rate forecasts, energy pricing, job market trends, and the increasingly popular trend of manufacturing reshoring, this podcast offers a thought-provoking discussion that is relevant to anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced economy.


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Dr. Chris Kuehl


Armada was founded in conjunction with my partner - Keith Prather - in 2000. Armada is half think tank and half strategy office. We provide economic forecasts, industry anaysis, corporate intelligence and market assessment for clients in a variety of industries.

Clients include YRC Freight, TranSystems, Echo Logistics, C-Biz, Rubin Brown, Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, National Association of Credit Management, BKD, Missouri Society of CPAs, Kentucky Society of CPAs, Tennessee Society of CPAs and a variety of others.

They write, edit and publish a variety of publications. These include the Armada Executive Intelligence Brief, (subscription based), Business Intelligence Briefs (distributed through Chambers of Commerce and other business organizations), Fabrinomics (distributed through the FMA), and several daily internal publications for clients.

He is a frequent speaker on economic issues in the US and globally. I have spoken to conferences devoted to manufacturing, logistics, finance, credit, retail, accounting and many others. I have also given many talks for corporate events. In the last year I have given over 150 presentations in the US and overseas.

He is also a commentator for the local and national media. I write for a variety of trade publications as well.