Jan. 5, 2023

65. Real Estate Tax Shelters for Passive Investors feat. Erik Oliver

65. Real Estate Tax Shelters for Passive Investors feat. Erik Oliver
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Every investor knows there are amazing tax benefits to directly owning real estate. And one of those tools to amplify the benefits is cost segregation. In this week's episode, co-hosts Ben Fraser & Jim Maffuccio talk with cost segregation expert Erik Oliver to learn about how these tax benefits impact passive investors. They also explore the "lazy man's" 1031 exchanges, what changes are happening in 2023 with bonus depreciation, and what asset classes provide the best tax sheltering. Don’t miss this episode!

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Connect with Erik Oliver on Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/erik-oliver-b800657/

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Eric OliverProfile Photo

Eric Oliver

Vice President of Business Development

Erik Oliver holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Accounting from Westminster College. Prior to joining Cost Segregation Authority, Erik was an Operations Manager for a multi-million dollar landscaping and design firm in Long Island, NY. Since heading west and joining CSA, Erik has been speaking at local, regional, and national events as well as appearing on nationally known podcasts. He brings with him a passion for identifying cost savings and educating CPA’s and commercial real estate owners on the benefits of cost segregation.