Sept. 22, 2022

51. Top Episodes from our First Year & Coming Soon

51. Top Episodes from our First Year & Coming Soon
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We are so excited to announce that the Invest Like A Billionaire podcast is celebrating its first anniversary! Thank you all for tuning in over the past 12 months. We couldn't have done this without each and every one of our generous listeners. In honor of this milestone, we're looking back at some of our favorite moments from the past year. We've had the pleasure of interviewing some of the biggest names in the world of investing, and along the way, we've learned a lot. We've gained a better understanding of the investing process and how to navigate the financial markets.

On top of these, we have an exciting announcement about our podcast's new website!

We're excited to continue this journey in the coming year and beyond. We have some big plans for the future of Invest Like a Billionaire, and we can't wait to share them with you. Thank you for being part of our journey – we can't wait to see what the next year has in store!

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Here are the top episodes mentioned:

01. How the Wealthy Invest & the Alternative Investment Continuum
03. Intro To Venture Capital & Private Equity Investing
05. Hedge Fund Investments & When They Make Sense
06. Billion-Dollar Real Estate Broker & Opportunities Post Pandemic - Interview w/ Gary Stache
08. Leveraging 1031 Exchanges and DSTs w/ Brandon Bruckman
11. A Financial Advisor's Perspective On Including Alts In Your Portfolio w/ Josh Wright
12. How Billionaires Pay Less In Taxes Than Average Americans
15. Passive Investor Spotlight #3 - An International Investor's Perspective On U.S. RE Investing w/ François Braine-Bonnaire
18. Why You Need To Think About Asset Protection To Safeguard Your Wealth w/ Kevin Day
25. 2022 Housing Market Forecast w/ Nikolas Scoolis
28. Betting Big On Retail Real Estate w/ Philip Block And Robert Levy
30. Scaling Real Estate And Finding The Opportunity - Interview w/ J Scott
35. Top of Mind [New Series] – What Happened to the Retail Apocalypse?
36. Is Retail Real Estate the Next Hot Asset Class? - Interview w/ Parker Webb
43. Breaking Down the Brewing Energy Crisis and Opportunities feat. Bob Fraser and Ben Fraser
46. Oil & Gas Economics: What the Future Holds feat. Robin Winkle
49. Investing in Sports Teams feat. Justin Papadakis

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