May 26, 2022

36. Is Retail Real Estate the Next Hot Asset Class? - Interview w/ Parker Webb

36. Is Retail Real Estate the Next Hot Asset Class? - Interview w/ Parker Webb
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On the heels of our latest Top of Mind episode on retail real estate, this episode dives into a unique area of retail, neighborhood strip centers, with Parker Webb, FTW Investments CEO. Parker has worked in retail real estate since 2013, and in this conversation, we cover cap rates and cash flow, how these centers fared through Covid, how to strategically improve and maximize property values, and best ways to negotiate tenant leases. If you’ve ever been curious (or skeptical) about retail, tune in to this packed episode.

Parker WebbProfile Photo

Parker Webb

Co-Founder, Principal & CEO

Parker Webb is the co-founder, Principal and CEO of FTW Investments. Parker guides the strategy, contributes to the investment thesis, and leverages a background in real estate brokerage, development, and asset management to identify and execute on investments with high risk-adjusted returns.

He started his career in commercial real estate in 2013 at Newmark Grubb Zimmer where he served in roles in the Sales & Leasing Division with a focus on investment properties as well as the Public Sector Consulting Division where he consulted developers and municipalities on economic development. After Newmark, Mr. Webb was Director of Acquisitions for Midwest Retail Properties, where he focused on acquiring retail investment properties. Simultaneously, Mr. Webb founded his first company, Third Space Property Group, a boutique real estate brokerage, consulting, and management firm.

Parker graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with his bachelor’s in 2014.