May 12, 2022

33. Transitioning from Private Equity to Private Debt W/ Jeremy Goff

33. Transitioning from Private Equity to Private Debt W/ Jeremy Goff
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In this episode, we sit down with Jeremy Goff, CEO of Hiram Capital, to talk about both the energy sector and the private credit space. Jeremy shares from his background working for Blackstone, the largest alternative asset manager, talking through how energy has shifted over recent years and where it’s headed. Then he dives into his transition from private equity to private debt, and shares a peek behind the curtain on the structure of private credit deals and how he fills a niche that banks won’t.

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Jeremy GoffProfile Photo

Jeremy Goff

CEO, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Jeremy Goff combines decades of experience in the development of debt and equity portfolios both private and listed with a commitment to fostering diversity in culture and approach. Prior to Hiram Capital, he served as Managing Director and Chief Development Officer for Ecofin, a $1.5B firm under TortoiseEcofin focused on sustainability and impact. At Tortoise and Ecofin, he developed and executed firm strategy and led the launch and execution of the firm’s private credit and equity strategies. As an associate in Blackstone’s business development group, he contributed to the launch of Blackstone Capital Partners VI and the first Blackstone Energy Partners fund. He served as a ranger infantry officer in the U.S. Army and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and Army Commendation for Valor. Mr. Goff earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He currently serves on the board of the University Academy Foundation and volunteers with KidsTLC.