Feb. 17, 2022

23. Passive Investor Spotlight #4 - High Tech Career to Mobile Home Parks w/ Todd Sulzinger

23. Passive Investor Spotlight #4 - High Tech Career to Mobile Home Parks w/ Todd Sulzinger
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Todd Sulzinger started out with a high-powered career in Silicon Valley, but found he wanted more control over his life and what he did. When evaluating where to put some of his capital, he discovered mobile home parks, long before they became popular. In this passive investor spotlight, we dive into how Todd's story, how his analysis led him to mobile home parks, the best strategies for earning money in MHPs, where the future is headed in this asset class, and how his journey into become a full-time passive investor unfolded.

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Todd SulzingerProfile Photo

Todd Sulzinger


Todd Sulzinger is the founder and CEO of Blue Elm Investments, a private equity real estate firm based in San Francisco, CA.

After 25 years as a Silicon Valley finance executive, he launched Blue Elm to offer his investors a strategic way to diversify their portfolios through passive investments of RV Park, Mobile Home Parks, Apartments, and Mortgage Notes.

Todd is the co-author of Success Habits of Super Achievers, an Amazon bestseller with inspiring stories to accelerate your success.