Jan. 27, 2022

20. Journey from Active to Passive Investor - Interview w/ Whitney Elkins-Hutten

20. Journey from Active to Passive Investor - Interview w/ Whitney Elkins-Hutten
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How do you start generating income from your investments and how do you transition that into a flow of passive income? Ben Fraser and Jim Maffuccio are back with real estate maven and director of Investor Education at Passive Investing, Whitney Elkins-Hutten, to learn more about passive investing and growing your assets. Whitney wholeheartedly believes that she’s living proof of just how successful anyone can be at real estate investing; all it takes is a little grit. Today, Whitney holds over 5000 residential units and more than 1400 self-storage units across eight states. Listen in as Whitney shares more of her story, including how she managed to grow her empire using the BRRRR-strategy, and how she funnels that forced equity into other passive strategies.

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Whitney Elkins-HuttenProfile Photo

Whitney Elkins-Hutten

Director of Investor Education

Whitney Elkins-Hutten is a Real estate maven who, after purchasing her first rental in 2002, and hitting a homerun, then nearly losing it all on her second deal, took control and figured out how to invest in Real estate the right way. She realized that success must leave clues. So, she studied and replicated the very personal finance and wealth creation strategies the wealthy use to create financial freedom.

Today, Whitney is a partner in $700M+ of Real estate — including over 5000+ residential units (MF, MHP, SFR, and Assisted Living) and more than 1400+ Self-Storage units across 7 states — and experience flipping over $3.0M in residential Real estate.